Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What The Hell Is Cocktail Disco???

I let Dimitri speaks himself...

"I'm still surprised that after two decades of record collecting, and that mostly in the field of the dance music 12" single format, I can still stumble upon songs that are unheard not only to me but to the rest of my fellow vinyl addicts.

I realised I was going to a second hand record store, with the same mindset as going to a shop specialised in new releases. I was looking for something new, but in a place that carried essentially old things!By "new" of course I mean fresh and unheard of, and although there are quite a few things on my want list I'd be happy to tick off, I find it more exciting to discover that good song that is not on there.

There is some kind of evolution in music collecting, the more you complete one genre, the more you move to a sub genre, a sub, sub genre, eventually branching out to different musical paths, to avoid being stuck in dead ends.

It turns out records I would overlook a few years back, are the ones I feverishly hunt now !One of many such sub genres I grew up to love over the years, is a type of Disco that I could best describe as Cocktail Disco.

I believe this style was called Sleaze back in its days, from roughly 1976 to 1979. There were even DJs specialized in the Sleaze sound which was usually played after hours, in spots with a strong sex oriented drive.

Cocktail Disco has that ubiquitous 4/4 beat and flying open high hat, complemented by rich orchestrations, campy over the top vocals, and an often tropical latin vibe. Something that wouldn't feel out of place in a broadway musical.

Typical examples can be found in the various works of New York producer August Darnell AKA Kid Creole (and the coconuts).

Major acts like Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra, Vince Montana's early Salsoul projects, Manhattan Transfer all had a strong hand in championing that sound to the larger media.

Major acts inevitably spawned smaller ones trying to follow with a similar sound, and hence an identifiable genre was born.

The indie label releases usually meant lower producing budgets, which translated in less polished recordings giving the music a rawer, more appealing sound to me.Mix tricks from other genres were emerging: heavier drums, louder percussion, climaxing breaks... as if compensating for the cheaper orchestral sections.

Two years ago I was invited for a guest slot on my friend's RadioRoro internet show (visit him via my top friends section) and decided to make a Cocktail Disco hour.One continuous set of this music sounded real sweet, and with a surprising amount of positive feedback combined with the lack of exposure of this genre, I decided to put together a compilation project to further expose it.

"Cocktail Disco" a double CD compilation will be released in June from UK's BBE label, and available worldwide through the usual channels.

The focus is more on the indie and harder to find songs rather than on the major players which have been thouroughly compiled or re-issued."

For more info about this compilation check:

The Real Truth

Ok. My friend from American Athlete blog in his last post talk about the Editions Disco Re-edits, and i can't resist to finaly say something about this one. My favourite is the edit of Undisputed Truth also, until i hear the original... I listen to a few edits of this track, made by "know" artists and i dont understand why the best part of the song, (for me) is always cut.. I saw also that many people and (record stores to(!)), think the track have the name "undisputed". NO. The name of the track is SHOW TIME!

For those who wanna take a look:

Undisputed Truth, The* - Smokin' (LP)
K 56497

Undisputed Truth (2) - Show Time (12")
WHID 8783

I made a edit of this one a long time ago and its always a pleasure play it. This track is one of my favorites ever.
So there is my edit, with the best part included :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Cave Bear Cult is Jorg Ehlert and this is the first record of this new artist out on Versatile Records. Nice track this one, make remember the 90's french house. I made this track a little more extended because the original only have 3.30m...

Spaghettidisco mops up nicely in a italo meets Metro Area meets Daft Punk rotation.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Social Disco Club @ Trintaeum

This is the June Program of TRINTAEUM, a top club in Oporto, Portugal.
I will be there on 6 of June, and disco beats will running all night...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Heavy Yellow Fever

Like i promise there it is my edit of Barbara Norris "Heavy Hitter". This is a very hard to find record on 12", but you can find the track on lp compilations like "Disco Galaxia #2" or "Disco Boum #3. Its more easy for shure... The original 12" is released on United Performers , Nelwin Records in 1981. A must have!

Yellow Fever

"Picture yourself in the midst of sub-zero post club shenanigans. You're cold, out of disco utensils and with nowhere to go except your bed. Give up? "Belt up!" says Pete Herbert as he teleports the entire party into a sub equatorial disco cottage, where mid-tempo Balearic afro dust fills your ears and scantily clad senioritis refill your beaker."

This record contains a sample from the superb and hard to find "Heavy Hitter" by Barbara Norris (btw, the next post will be my edit of this track).

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Release Yourself! Like Larry Levan @ Paradise Garage

This is my 1st personal edit added. The purpose of my re-edits is simple: Make the track more dj frendly and extend the best parts. So, like is the 1st edit posted, the ocasion deserve a special one! I add a video to all the people understand why this track is so special and so amazing.

Time To Sleep Now

This is the end of the 1st day...Time to sleep now, and nothing better than a beautiful track to rest well, with a smile..
Tomorrow its another day...
I have hope.

Lcd Soundsystem - All My Friends (Harvey Mix)

Lcd Soundsystem + Dj Harvey... Nothing to say about it... Just listen!

Antena - Seaside Weekend (Escort Remix)

Not much information about this remix yet... This track is taken from the album Antena "Camino Del Sol" (Versions Speciales) on Permanent Vacation. Escort made an amazing job on this track! Top.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Action #2

For the 1st post the 2nd release of new Faze Action label...
"Faze Action's return to form has been one of the best things to happen in 2007 and nothing demonstrates better than the follow-up to, "Keep It Coming" but another strain of superb modern disco house in the shape of "Stratus Energy". The oddest thing about this is how close it is to the musical blueprint that the brothers Lee laid down back in the mid 90s on Nuphonic with "Original Disco Motion", "In The Trees" and the amazing "Plans & Designs" LP. All the elements are here - those distinct strings, the authentic disco wiggle and the undeniable groove – working together in devastating harmony".

Hi Disco Freaks!

Hi everyone! I Decide to create my own blogg to share with ALL my love of a life for music. So check the page everyday because i want to post new and old disco, re-edits (and all disco sub-genres)!
Dont pay attention to my english...