Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"The Way You Move" Out Now!

The wait is over...
"The Way You Move" out now and is available in a record shop near you!

Vinyl 12": (Just a few)

Juno (Uk)
Piccadilly (Uk)
Phonica (Uk)
Flur (Pt)
Lighthouse (Jp)
Jet Set (Jp)
Nuloop (Fr) (De)

Digital Download: (Just a few)

Juno Download

Im quite suprised with the massive feedback so far! here's a few feedbacks more:

I'm thinking life in Portugal must be pretty sweet... If this won't set the right mood, nothing will.
I'll be playing the Disk Jokke version most, although I like the GW version at least as much.

King DJ
(Bear Funk)

Really like the Greg Wilson version (played last week in Croatia) and the Original .. but will probably play the Disk Jokke version the most .. solid release ..
big ups lads!!

Bonar Bradberry
(2020 Vision Recordings)

Nice release, perfect for the aftersun before the night.
Jim Adam
(Lullabies in the Dark)

Really Diggin the vocals. Not enough 21st century disco includes vocals. Great way to make teh track stand out and connect with a crowd. Top release gents!
DJ Bwyse
(Talking In Stereo)

Nice release, the original version is my fave...
Steve Yanko
(Permanent Vacation / Truffle Music)

Fantastic Ep, Loving all the versions, edits and remixes it"s perfect summer tune all the way... Great production from SDC as usual. thanx
Baby G
(Eskimo / Superdiscoteca)

Great summery groover - love the remixes, will play & support

Chris Duckenfield
(Popular People's Front / Swag)

I really like the GW version and the original - great to see Humberto and Rui working together. Porto in the house! I will be massively supporting this on The Smugglers Inn radio show.
Red Rack'em
(Untracked / Tirk)

Greg's and Diskjokke are both sounding very nice. playing on an ibizian beach this week and will definately be playing these.
Sean Brosnan

Love the Greg Wilson and Disk Jokke remixes. Both v playable in disco and balearic situations. lovely. lovely.
Chris Coco

Loving this already on first listen. all the mixes are fantastic. go bearfunk!
Layne Fox
(40 Thieves)

Killer release... my fave bearfunk in the last few promos sent, will be spanking this over summer for sure. Preference goes to Greg & Diskjokke rmxz even though i love all the versions. Full support. RSPKT to the bear for this fonk.
Tristan Da Cunha
(2020 Vision Recordings)

Killer tune, been playing it all year and never lets me down...gregs mix smooths it over and joackims steps it up a level..10/10
Pete Herbert
(Reverso 68)

Great! Liking the vocal mix here.
Rob Mello

Original Mix & Inst is killer. Sounds really solid. Disk mix is also really good. Will be playing both.
Jim Bresse
(Hed Kandi / MoS Radio)

Wow sounds wicked, thanks!!
Danny Howells

Amazing release guys, feeling the original and Greg's version the most. Really loving Greg's I think its one of the best mixes he's done for a while! Congrats
Matty J
(The Agency)

Can't decide which to play first. love the laid back feel of gregs mix, kind of cosmopolitain and sassy! REALLY for the floos it's disk jokke - WOW. gimme gimme!
Jim Stanton
(Horse Meat Disco)

Possibly my favourite Bear Funk release to date, would love to try get it used on something. Cheers for sending
Shiv Kalaria

Yeah, the greg wilson mix reminds me of dancing on the beach in ibiza, love it. great stuff.
Mark E

Great release!
Danny Krivit

Unreleased Edit On

Adrian Dickinson from Touch Soul Sunderland Blog is kindly host an edit i did a couple of years back.

Here's the link

Kid Creole & The Coconuts - I'm Corrupt (SDC Re-Edit)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Tribute To The King

I will never stop helping and loving people, the way Jesus said to... He said, continue to Love, always Love...

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hibernation Vol.1 on Bear Funk out now!

"We’re not quite sure if Hibernation is the right title for our latest compilation album. We are definitely not sleeping! In fact we are busier than ever. So much amazing music out there… and so little time. Hibernation Volume 1 is the first of a new series of compilations. These unmixed CDs feature a few greatest hits of the previous months, the future smashes and some exclusives unavailable elsewhere.

Things open up with the slick vocal styling and chilled bar grooves of Social Disco Club & Maia and “The Way You Move”, our pal Greg Wilson on the edit. Ronda, Jan Ken Po (a new guise for Max Essa), King DJ and Billy Bogus/Sal deliver us some fine nu-disco gems. Old label favorite and Japanese buddy Altz gives us an exclusive track “Orympia Rocks” and label head-bear gets busy with Lindstrom with their collaboration Daybreak. Talking of Altz and Mr Kotey, there is a digital only exclusive mix of the Lordy track “Off With His Head”.

Things get all George Clinton with newcomers “Free Disco” and their Psychedelic Disco romp “Kelp Man”. Dutchman Roberto Auser gets filmic and leftfield with “Secret Can” while due Filipsson and Ulysees deliver some NYC house flavored disco beats. Florida based Sleazy Mcqueen gets his percussive groove on, while uber-cool French favorites Black Joy remix the Barbarella-esque Diaphonoids classic “Mermaids Of Lunaris”. Things end up on a more downtempo affair with Matt Playfords Weirdo Police project on the haunting closer “Ghost Boat”.

There we have it. A fine Bear-tinted slice of what’s at the cutting edge of today’s Disco spectrum."


In a nutshell...

Disco, disco and yet more lovely disco…

What's it all about?

Collection of nu-disco gems from one of the main players in the capital's basement electronic scene, Steve Kotey. Despite an ill-fitting moniker (Hibernation? In summer? What were they thinking?) it's a fine sift through the best bits of from his Bear Funk label past, present and future. The most notable are the Kotey Extra Band's collaboration with Norwegian disco macdaddy Lindstrom and a Greg Wilson edit of Social Disco Club & Maia’s The Way You Move.

Who's it by?

Bear Funk is the brainchild of sometime Chicken Lips collaborator and tape-op Steve Kotey. Such is the demand for the Lips, they entrusted a chunk of their djing duties to Kotey who jumped on the opportunity with both hands and carved himself a pretty large rep as a party starter in his own right. He's played records with plenty of big names including the likes of Harvey and Francois K and put together the Disco Italia compilation for Strut records. It's obvious that Kotey has this disco business running through his veins.

Likelihood of winning a trip to the Grammys?

If there were awards for services to funk, house and underground disco stylings, then the big bear's mantel piece would be creaking under the weight of accolades. It hasn't happened just yet...

What the others say

"Every song is fantastic and keeps to the Bear Funk disco stylings. I've chosen Greg Wilso'’s version of Social Disco Club & Maia (I also recently posted some Rui Maia originals) and Japan's Altz remix of Lordy, but I could of easily picked any of the songs. No fillers here." - Big Stereo blog

So is it any good?

If you associate the concept of disco with 70s wigs, the Village People and inebriated stag dos lurching around in flares necking alcopops, then you should set your preconceptions right and get your ears round this.

The roots of all good things electronic lie within the disco vibe, something that this Hibernation compilation manages to nail down with a series of strong looks and slap bass pinned down by a fresh backbone of groove. Altz's Orympia Rocks manages to balance a bassline made from utter filth with a suitably ridiculous surf guitar twang while Lindstrom and Kotey's cross breeding doesn't disappoint either, getting an afro-cosmic peacock-esque strut on. If you know your Disco Bloodbath from your Horse Meat Disco, then Hibernation will be right up your dirty alleyway...


Social Disco Club & Maia - "The Way You Move" (Greg Wilson version)
Ronda - "Folana"
The Diaphanoids - "Mermaids Of Lunaris" (A Blackjoy disco mix)
Jan Ken Po - "Rhapsody In Leather"
Billy Bogus & Sal - "Terror Island" (Enzo Ponzio mix)
Altz - "Orympia Rocks"
Filipsson & Ulysses - "Fluffy Amadeus"
Roberto Auser - "Secret Can"
King DJ - "Ex Memory"
Sleazy McQueen - "One Extra Day"
Free Disco - "The Kelp Man"
Kotey Extra Band (Lindstrom & Stevie Kotey) - "Daybreak"
Weirdo Police - "Ghost Boat (Many People Died)"


Social Disco Club & Maia - The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Version)


Ps.: "The Way You Move" will be out soon on vinyl 12" with the Original and Instrumental, plus the Greg Wilson Version and Diskjokke Retromix.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just a quick message for all the people who have disco (or kind of) blogs...

Sadly, at this moment, i don't have to much time to dig across new, (or old), music blogs - and i know there's loads around. 
So, if some of you have or know those i should check and add into my "Music Community" or "Community" list, please drop me a comment with the link.

Many Thanks!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Next 12" On Bear Funk

The wait is over! 29th June is the oficial release date of the Bear Funk Release with my portuguese mate, Maia.

Here's a quick revue:

Portuguese based Social Disco Club (aka Humberto Matias) and Maia, delivers some laid back Mediterranean spiced disco groove. “The Way You Move” sleeks along with sultry keys, Latin groove, lazy percussion and all the flavour of an early-evening island vista. 

Up on the edit is our pal Greg Wilson who rejigs like only he can, creating a more floor based mix. The original is all about the great vocals whilst new Norwegian Disco-don DiskJokke gives us his late 80’s Balearic sounding re-rub.. its Ibiza 88 all over again.. drop the deal friend.

A few feedbacks...:

Hope your well. Very nice release - like it and will play it, very nice midtempo disco burner.
Ace work! 
Simon Lee (Faze Action)

I just got this yesterday, very cool indeed! Like the Diskjokke mix too... 
Jaques Renault (DFA)

I simply love it! can't wait to hear more stuff.
keep up the good work!
Felix Haaksman (Dutch Rhythm Combo)

I love it. A modern classic. Been playing the GW Version for a while now to great response. Top track!
Dicky Trisco (Boogie Corporation/Disco Deviance)

Humberto, thanks for your new production! 
Tony Carrasco (Klein & Mbo/Moonbase)

Love the original and Diskjokke retromix
Always in our sets
worf worf worf
The Barking Dogs (Discosafari)

A strong release, congrat, will play for sure
Hardrock Striker (Skylax/Cosmic Club)

Loving all the mixes, specially the vocal original
Rayko (Rare Wiri Records)


"The Way You Move" (Original)
"The Way You Move" (Instrumental)
"The Way You Move" (Greg Wilson Version)
"The Way You Move" (Diskjokke Retromix)


Monday, May 25, 2009

Sweet Lucy

Raul De Souza, a native of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) is considered by international critics (Down Beat, New York Jazz Magazine, Rolling Stones and many other) as one of the greatest trombone players in the world. Multinstrumentalist, composer, he plays alto and tenor sax and percussion besides the trombone. Having recorded nine albums, winning numerous national and international awards he is the inventor of the Souzabone, an eletric trombone set at C, with the implement of a chromatic valve.

His album "Colours" is adopted at the Berklee School of Music (EUA) as a subject matter, due to the rhytmic and melodic variations it presents. He is an honorary ditizen of the city of Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and a member of the American Federation of Musicians, the Associated Musicians and the Associated Musicians of Greater New York.

He participated in many international festivals, and among them the Montreaux Jazz Festival (1978), the Playboy Jazz Festival (1979), the Monterrey Jazz Festival (1980,1981) and as Guilherme Vergueiro's special guest together with Wayne Shorter, Wallace Roney and Mads Vinding at the Heineken Concerts in S.Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in 1995.

Raul De Souza created and participated in many musical bands, such as "A turma da Gafieira" (with Altamiro Carrilho, Sivuca, Baden Powell, Edison Machado, among others), Sergio Mendes Bossa Rio, Elefant Blanc (in Paris), Blue Note (in New York), Impacto 6, Sanbrasil and RC7.

At the moment, after living, playing and recording in the US for many years, Raul is back in Rio de Janeiro, his home town, where he has dedicated his time to composing, performing throughout Brazil and recording with Brazilian aces, such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gal Costa, Leny Andrade among others and with international stars such as Lisa Ono, Selena Jones and Joyce Collins.

Raul De Souza - Sweet Lucy

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Ok, seems like my 2nd Mindless Boogie release was blogged... :)

So, for those who didn't have the vinyl release, here's a good chance to get the TUNES.

Ps.: my next releases on Boxmusic, Bear Funk, Eskimo, Disco Deviance, will be out very soon.
More updates in a couple of days..

Friday, April 24, 2009


From 1976 through 1980, when disco was king, the music of D.C. LaRue ruled the underground and avant garde dance floors of the world. With #1 hits like “Cathedrals,” “Let Them Dance,” “Do You Want The Real Thing” and “Hot Jungle Drums & Voo Doo Rhythm” he was a major creative force behind a movement that evolved into the pop/dance music of the 80s, 90s and this current decade.

Making one’s mark as a spokesman for any genre on the first try is not easy but his premiere dance recording “Cathedrals” was such an influential hit that it prompted Casbox Magazine’s Aaron Fuchs to rave: “Cathedrals” is to discos what “Blue Suede Shoes” is to rock dance halls. By mid-1976 “Cathedrals” had become a top ten dance record throughout the world. D.C. LaRue was the first white male to ever hold the #1 R&B/Soul chart position in England. “Cathedrals” was the first commercially available 12” 45 rpm disco single in the USA and the only 12” single ever to be charted on the Billboard Magazine Top 100 Singles Chart before or since. And this was just the first in a string of D.C. LaRue musical firsts!

About the extended break on the 12” remix of “Indiscreet” (until now commercially unavailable) rapper Grandmaster Flash is quoted as saying: “It was the first Hip Hop break I ever heard…the start of all the Hip Hop and Rap beats to come.” That was 1976!

“Let Them Dance” (released in 1978) was the beginning of D.C.’s successful quest to change album tracks into radically different remixed 12” dance singles. And by 1979 his 12” remix of “So Much For L.A.” (from LaRue’s “Star, Baby” album) saw a remix containing new lyrics, revised arrangements, erased tracks, looping and sampling. It was the fruition of the consummate “cut and paste” recording. Needless to say, it was nothing like the original LP track!

And now, with a genuine world wide re-interest in the disco/dance music of the 70s, it appears that D.C. LaRue’s time has arrived once again. And his music continues to titillate the musical palette of the discriminating dance music lover around the globe via the world wide web. With each reissue and sample of one of his dance classics his enduring legend of fans are now being joined by a whole new group of people who are finding his work not only the perfect reflection of the dazzling disco era gone by but an example of an art that is even more relevant today…over 30 years later.

Back in 1981 the editor’s of GQ Magazine voted D.C. LaRue one of the 6 creative artists who would epitomize “success in the decades ahead.” Little did they know how right they were!!

D.C. LaRue - Ca-The-Drals

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dancing Digits

The original mix of this obscure 80's disco track has been a huge tune for the likes of DJ Harvey / Daniel Wang and has subsequently become a highly prized slab of vinyl.

The Soft Rocks remake which was completely stripped down, (and all parts replayed with musicians including Alice Russell from Quantic Soul Orchestra), and turns out to be a fine piece of deep, disco house. 

Hell yes, you need this in your life!

David Astri - Dancing Digits (Soft Rocks Remake)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Social Disco Club Dj Set at Discosafari (Milan)

Just a quick link to the live mix at Discosafari in Milan.

Crazy Party!

Social Disco Club Dj Set at Discosafari

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guest Mix #5 Eddie C

Im very pleased to have Eddie C, the Jiscomusic latest star, on the Guest Mixes series.

Eddie C lives in beautiful Banff, Canada in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, a mecca for skiers and outdoor enthusiasts, not a place you'd expect to find disco evangelists such as himself. Complemetary to his ski-bum lifestyle, Eddie C also has a fervor for record collection and quality music of all genres. 

Raised on a farm in southern Ontario, he discovered said quality music, like many others, at a young age through late night radio and frequent trips to Toronto record shops during the golden era of Hip Hop and Acid House. Still a passionate record collector, his taste has become increasingly eclectic and as a DJ in a land of Lady Gaga/Nickelback mashups, it is most important for him to share his finds with others at local night spots. 

DJing has been a way of life for him since junior high-school. Inspired first by Toronto's British infused rave culture of the early 90s and then by many trips to Detroit and Detroit-inspired Ontario cities, he was at the center of an incredible Techno and House culture movement at the time. Moving to Banff in 2000, just after the first Detroit Electronic Music Festival was a move he and his fiance, now wife, did not expect, but it turned out for the best as the music felt to be drying up a bit by then. At the same time he began buying old records for the first time, and started experimenting with sample-based music production.

As a producer, he has just released his first 12" on Jiscomusic out of the UK. Having spent the bulk of this decade focussing on Hip Hop production and searching for rare funk and oddball records to sample, he only recently delved back into disco and house music. Everything has felt to him like a natural progression musically, keeping on is what is so important. Everything comes full circle and we are on the cusp of something great!

Upcoming releases include a digital release remix on Toronto's own Pawn Shop Records due out this April; a limited edition 7" with Colin De La Plante (the Mole), in May; an EP of disco edits and original production for Karat Records of Paris this summer; a release for five20east out of Scotland, and a future 12" for Jisco with Mark E also coming this summer. 


01. House of House - The Rough Half (Whatever We Want)
02. Eddie C - Between Now and Then (CDR) 
03. ? - Baby Cage (Moxie)
04. Manuel Gottsching - E2 E4 (White)
05. Mark E - Smokescreen (Sonar Kollectiv)
06. Dj harvey - Love Finger (Black Cock)
07. Eddie C - You're Welcome (Jiscomusic)
08. Joubert Singers - Stand On The Word (Hot Coins Remix) (Tirk)
09. Matrix - Stay (I Need Your Love) (Disconet)
10. Bill Withers - You Got the Stuff (Columbia)
11. Mike Burns - Everybody's Mantra (Disco Devil)
12. Herbie Hancock - Twilight Clone (Columbia)
13. Edwin Birdsong - Rapper Dapper Snapper (Salsoul)
14. Sylvester - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (Fantasy)

Guest Mix # 5 (Eddie C)

Check out his Myspace for constant new music and dj mixes monthly.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Song For Mozambique

Archie Shepp is a New York City native and alumnus of Goddard College. Archie started playing jazz in the early 60's and continues to dazzle audiences around the world playing tenor saxophone and piano, accompanied by his soulful voice. Currently residing in Massachusetts, he teaches music history as a professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Archie has collaborated with Cecil Taylor, John Coltrane and Yusef Lateef, as well as countless other jazz greats. Mr Shepp received the distinguished New England Foundation for the Arts Achievement in Music Award in 1995.

This version of "Song For Mozambique" goes into a completely new territory yet preserving the originals calm, soothing mood on his first interpretation with archie’s flowing sax and the often sampled vocals and the conscious spoken words floating on...

Archie Shepp - Song For Mozambique (Stilove4music Version)

Monday, February 23, 2009


During the 1970s, Bob James played a major role in turning fusion jazz more mainstream. "Angela", the instrumental theme from the sitcom Taxi, is probably Bob James' most well-known work to date, He is also well-known for the fusion classics 'Nautilus' and 'Westchester Lady', the latter from the album Bob James Three.

Very influenced by pop and movie music, James has often featured soloists, who add a jazz touch to his sound (most notably Grover Washington, Jr.). While best known for his fusion sound, James began In 1962, recording a bop-ish trio set for Mercury, and three years later his album for ESP was quite avant-garde, with electronic tapes used for effects. After a period with Sarah Vaughan (1965-1968), he became a studio musician, appearing with Stanley Turrentine and Milt Jackson on the 1972 album Cherry and with Turrentine on his following album Don't Mess with Mister T. (1973), and that same year was arranging and working as a producer for CTI. In 1974, James recorded his first purely commercial effort as a leader; he later made big-selling albums for his own Tappan Zee label, Columbia, and Warner Bros., including collborations with Earl Klugh and David Sanborn.

Two of James' songs – "Nautilus" and "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" from 1975's, are among the most sampled in hip hop history. "Nautilus" has been most famously sampled in Eric B. & Rakim's "Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em", Run-D.M.C.'s "Beats to the Rhyme", Ghostface Killah's "Daytona 500" and Jeru the Damaja's "My Mind Spray" amongst many others and the notes of "Nautilus'" bassline were played on a keyboard for Slick Rick's "Children's Story". The first four measures of "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" (a Paul Simon original) includes a bell and drum groove that is one of hip hop's fundamental breakbeats.

One of my faves from Bob James is "Spunky". Moodymann sample this song on one of his best productions "Shades Of Jae"..

Bob James - Spunky

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

(AVI) Part 9

Here's one of the best 12's on AVI Records - That Thing by That Thing, here re-edited (*) by me..

Thanks JAZ ;)

(*) This edit was close to be released on one of my first re-edit 12's but didn't make it, so here it is at 320 kbps!

AVI Part 9
12' "That Thing" [AVI-12-196-D] (1978)

That Thing - That Thing (Social Disco Club Edit)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Map Of Africa

"Map Of Africa" is a band featuring the combined forces of legendary DJ/musician Harvey and all around production genius Thom Bullock.

Having grown up together in the wilds of Fen-land East Anglia they have found their way into a studio built in the old barn of a commune compound deep in the woods and rivers of Northern New York State. From here they have single-handedly written and recorded their first album of songs that, though they are clearly the work of individual vision, can at times remind you of the bands Can and Hawkwind or for that matter Godley and Creme.

Harvey is known for his priceless Black Cock releases and having ushered in the current wave of re-edit hysteria as well as his unique remix and production style that along with his international DJ performances has kept him in a position of cult status amongst disco and dance connoseurs for the past 2 decades.

Bullock is most easily recognized for his role in his DJ partnership Rub n Tug but may also be remembered as the man behind the music of an earlier NY super nova; A.R.E. Weapons. Now as well as his work with Harvey he is recording an LP under the handle of Bobbie Marie and producing several other groups all for the super funky "Whatever We Want Records".

Map Of Africa - Map Of Africa