Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just a quick message for all the people who have disco (or kind of) blogs...

Sadly, at this moment, i don't have to much time to dig across new, (or old), music blogs - and i know there's loads around. 
So, if some of you have or know those i should check and add into my "Music Community" or "Community" list, please drop me a comment with the link.

Many Thanks!


Disco Dave said...

Check out my blog. Classics, oddities and mixtapes.
Much Love Disco Dave

Anonymous said...

We love yours so (hopefully!) you'll love ours...



Adrian said...

Im sure you may have already come across mine my friend...

Gonna be addin some of my own re-edits and mixes soon too...

Manuel De Carli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Manuel De Carli said...

Hola! Thanx for your great staff! I remember the Cosmic scene in Italy, you never know Daniele Baldelli? This music make me in there old, special time! Awesome!

talk dirty said...

Here's mine. love yours. X


Pablo Contraband said...


come check us out man

Social Disco Club said...

Keep them coming!

I will update the list soon.

BOOSHANK said...

We swapped a couple of edits via myspace about a year ago, how's tricks?

It'd be great if you could add this one to your list:


feelmybicep.wordpress.com said...

get involved, hkeep up the good work feelmybicep.com

bicep boys


MondoCo said...

would really appreciate any support- just started my blog last night and ain't much fun without anyone reading it but myself. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Keep up the good work, cheers-


quorn said...

Whats Happening!?

I just started my blog which link to you from the below.


Hope you dig it


patch said...


Check out my blog Waves at Night. We love cosmic, disco edits, french house, edits, lo-fi, etc.etc..

Love your work my dear friend.

Peter PleasureCruise said...


Mister Italo said...

Hey, check out my blog, obscure great electro disco monsters!

Kid Who said...

loads of disco, house, boogie, soul, edits and oddities plus the odd mix at www.kidbreaks.blogspot.com!

love sdc, keep up the hard work!!

big UPS!!

Social Disco Club said...

Amazing reading and listening guys!
Found a few new ace bits..

Keep them coming.

Music community section upgraded,

Piece Together said...

Hey Mate!,Hope Your Good!,Always Been A Massive Fan,But You Know That Already!,All The Best...Craig
,Here,s The New Blog

The Best Cuts of Music said...


Every week

10 songs + comedy = http://thebestcutsofmusic.blogspot.com

Zona 8 Lifestyle said...

feel free to spread the word:


fresh news from urban culture!!!

Anonymous said...

hi there, thanks for the inspiration!


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