Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Social Disco Club Dj Set at Discosafari (Milan)

Just a quick link to the live mix at Discosafari in Milan.

Crazy Party!

Social Disco Club Dj Set at Discosafari


adrian said...

Any chance of the names of the 1st 2 tracks fella...Aazing stuff by the way...


Social Disco Club said...

Hi Adrian.

1st: Track A2 of my first 12"

2nd: Social Disco Club "Give Me The Sunshine"
Will be out later this year on Disco Deviance.


milkydisco said...

wow!, a really nice mix. any chance of know the name of the track at min. 34 ?

thank you.

Social Disco Club said...


Glossy "Burning Love"


Marcus said...

Class as always!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! When are you next playing in London?

Social Disco Club said...

27 June - Manchester

Michael said...


Nice mix and nice edits!!!

U got a new blog reader ;)

Anonymous said...

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