Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Map Of Africa

"Map Of Africa" is a band featuring the combined forces of legendary DJ/musician Harvey and all around production genius Thom Bullock.

Having grown up together in the wilds of Fen-land East Anglia they have found their way into a studio built in the old barn of a commune compound deep in the woods and rivers of Northern New York State. From here they have single-handedly written and recorded their first album of songs that, though they are clearly the work of individual vision, can at times remind you of the bands Can and Hawkwind or for that matter Godley and Creme.

Harvey is known for his priceless Black Cock releases and having ushered in the current wave of re-edit hysteria as well as his unique remix and production style that along with his international DJ performances has kept him in a position of cult status amongst disco and dance connoseurs for the past 2 decades.

Bullock is most easily recognized for his role in his DJ partnership Rub n Tug but may also be remembered as the man behind the music of an earlier NY super nova; A.R.E. Weapons. Now as well as his work with Harvey he is recording an LP under the handle of Bobbie Marie and producing several other groups all for the super funky "Whatever We Want Records".

Map Of Africa - Map Of Africa


Poppe1 said...

A-d-o-r-o estes gajos. Não estava nada á espera que destas duas alminhas saisse um disco tão rockeiro, custou a entrar, mas é definitivamente um disco muito muito bom.

um abraço

Social Disco Club said...

Essential! Mas, entre os temas rockeiros, existe uma perola que é este tema "map of africa", na minha opinião..

Incrivel, tambem, é a editora do album, (whatever we want), que tem lançado classicos instantâneos.


Poppe1 said...

Sim este tema foi o que me agarrou instantaneamente, os outros vieram por arrasto.

A Whatever we want para já ainda é desconhecida para mim. A primeira coisa que sei é que edita quantidades limitadas que esgotam num ápice e valem um balurdio.

Estou interessado no the Rose dos Laughing Light of Plenty e no discogs pedem 45 euros.
Uma loucura.

Um abraço

k!O said...

What was the track AFTER "Map of Africa" finishes playing on the media player? I have heard that track before and I LOVE it. It would be much appreciated if you could shed some light on its origins!

Fred Alt said...

como eu faço pra conseguir esse SOM???