Friday, September 28, 2007

Getting Off!

Another great compilation! I Love It...

Getting Off: The Seductive Sounds of 70's Adult Cinema is another porno music compilation - but with a difference; the emphasis is definitely on creating an atmosphere by using the music, with almost no dialogue/moaning/groaning as is the usual deal with porno music comps.

On closer inspection, Getting Off: The Seductive Sounds of 70's Adult Cinema is actually a compilation of genuine (licensed) 70's library music mixed with some music (lifted from DVD) from actual 70's and early 80's porno movies, with the library music here having every chance of actually being used in adult movies back in the day.
Whatever - with Getting Off: The Seductive Sounds of 70's Adult Cinema, the guys at Lucky Monkey Records have put together a great little compilation that definitely evokes that sexy 70's porno movie sound!

01. L. Hurdle & F. Ricotti - Move On
02. Anton Scott - J. P. Walk (From "Boogie Nights")
03. Alan Tew - Gentle in the Night
04. Ray Davies - Power Play
05. Unknown - Nude Interlude #1 (From "Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street")
06. Alan Hawkshaw - Hawkwind and Fire
07. Brian Bennett - Disco Fever
08. Roger Webb & Keith Grant - The Bends
09. Alan tew - The Heist
10. Unknown - Nude Interlude #2 (From "Downstairs, Upstairs")
11. Unknown - Carl's Cabana (From "Inside Seka")
12. Unknown - Fernando's Blues (From "Come Under My Spell")
13. Unknown - Nude Interlude #3 (From "Do You Wanna Be Loved?")
14. Unknown - Bang 'Em Hard (From "Inside Seka")

PS.: Seems like divshare dont work well right now, so the tracks will be available soon...


Anonymous said...

très bon album qui est proposé,merci beaucoup

rui trintaeum said...

this is a very good tip for the "four play" of the night...

sdc rocks!

Paul Durango said...

Hi there!
Terrific blog ; many thx for the uploads!
Would be great to have this one!