Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Release Of The Week At Piccadilly!!!


With a little surprise (for me), my record was one of the releases of the week at Piccadilly. Im very happy!

"As you see, I've been having a bit of a round up in the ol' hip hop section, finding more than a few things that we missed right at the end of 2007, like the Paul Nice and James Pants battle tools LPs, Speech Defect 12" and (FINALLY!!) new Wu CD (vinyl's due in a week or so too!). Which leaves us with the Wax On sampler 12" (b-boy vs soul-jazz), hip hop-disco cut on the "Barna Vs Porto EP" and Lupe Fiasco album. I was going to make the Lupe Fiasco record of the week, but then US distributor Unique went bust last week, so don't know when we can get more copies... Instead I'm picking the "Barna Vs Porto EP" because you can't beat a bit of old school!"

Also, is one of the Disco / Nu-Disco best sellers at Juno.

Thanks to all the People who send me feedback!

A few more:

James Barrie (Contraflow/BBE Records) (ES)

Really f****g good 12"!!! I played the Julien Jabre & Gino Soccio tracks on my radio show this week. I need a physical copy of the 12".
Respect. James.

Benjamin Ferreira Jr. (Rraurl Mag) (BR)

I'm really happy with OCSID 2. It shows me how much we are musically connected. "Try It Out" is one of my favorite tracks ever. Great choice! Besides, Jacko and his "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" got an unbelievable de/reconstruction on "Jump Up Let's Go". Last, but not least, you did a nice thing teaming up with the SDC guys, and their tracks (especially "And you don't stop") rock as well!

Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area) (US)

Hi SDC! This is Darshan from Metro Area.
I'm playing the BSMachine & Der Beat track in DJ sets - it will get a lot of airtime, I promise!
Props on the release!
Peace and be well, D


Anonymous said...

Muitos Parabéns!

electriklife said...

obrigado pela visita :), já agora (talvez o tempo seja muito pouco) mas fica o convite para fazer uma mixtape para o meu espaço virtual, qualquer coisa é só darem um toke no myspace ou até mesmo "já aki no blog do lado"

electriklife said...

ok no problem ;), tás linkado, peace.

Zona 8 Lifestyle said...

olá humberto.
embora já tenha escutado a mais tempo só hoje tive tempo para dizer que está muito bom, está sim senhor. está um belo tema.
até mereceu uma critica na secção "house" da dance club de fevereiro ;)