Sunday, July 6, 2008

SDC Live Dj Set #5 (Mindless Boogie Release Party)

Another live dj set, this time on the Mindless Boogie release party at Trintaeum.

Social Disco Club Live Dj Set @ Trintaeum (04 July 2008)

Ps.: I will be playing in the 1st weekend of August at Glasgow, Scotland. I want to see there all of you, "Glasgow Disco freaks"! :)

02 Aug: IVY
03 Aug: SWG3 (Studio Warehouse Glasgow)


lars said...

top edit of a top, top track. Great taste dude

Neil said...

looking forward to your sets in glasgow

guyguyass said...

How can i have the track list of this set?

Social Disco Club said...


Anonymous said...

the selection of tracks is perfect, mixing excellent. there are tracks i have, i would like to have and i heard first time. all of them (the mix in total) is kind of music for ideal party i would like to take part. thanks! can you tell me what was the third track?

Social Disco Club said...

Yonic-south, thanks for the comment!

Cole Medina - Love You Inside Out (Not released yet...)


Anonymous said...


Whats the track after the Cole Medina, a real deep groove...

maybe Track 4 or 5, not sure if theres aquick sample before it.

"Because I want you to love me"

A more Latino track follows it.

By the way AMAZING set!!!

Ryan - Glasgow

Social Disco Club said...

Hi Ryan

Marvin Gaye - I Want You (Barna Soundmachine Megamix)

Not released also...Maybe in the next OCSID Music :)

thebeathunters said...

hi man
don't know which # it is in your series but the mix starting with chic's "i want your love" is on heavy rotation here and i can't get enough of it! the selection and mix is perfect, i specially like the way you cue in and out the "so good to know" pella near the end
i know some of the tracks but if possible would love to have a tracklist
hit me please at
keep on groovin'

Manuel said...

unbelievable cool mix! can you please post the track list? yours truly manuel @

Jakob said...

I love it! Is it possible to get the track list? I know I'm a bit late on this one.

Anonymous said...

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