Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'll Always Love My Ana

Formed in the early sixties, The Intruders were four Philadelphians, Sam "Little Sonny" Brown, Eugene "Bird" Daughtry, Phillip "Phil" Terry and Robert "Big Sonny" Edwards. Singing together since 1961, the group blended Philly's street corner doo-wop tradition with black gospel influences that attracted Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff to sign them to their fledgling record company, Philadelphia International Records.

In 1968, "Cowboys to Girls," written by Gamble and Huff, was a break-out million dollar seller that was considered to be the prototype for the emerging Sound of Philadelphia. Followed up by "(Love Is Like A) Baseball Game," The Intruders became known as innovators of Philly soul.

Robert "Bobby Star" Ferguson joined the group in 1970 and re-ignited their string of hit singles with "When We Get Married" and "(Win, Place or Show) She's a Winner." "I'll Always Love My Mama", a collaborative writing effort by Gamble, Huff, McFadden and Whitehead, was released in 1973.

The Intruders were essential in the evolution of the Sound of Philadelphia. In 1973, they joined Billy Paul and The O'Jays in a European tour that brought the Philly Soul overseas. They are credited as being a cornerstone of the Philly Sound and remain close to their Philadelphia origins.

The Intruders - I'll Always Love My Mama (12" Mix)