Monday, November 24, 2008

Mindless Boogie 017 (Social Disco Club Edits) Out Now!

Finally, my new baby is available at the worlwide record stores!

Here's the Piccadilly revue:

"After doing such a great job on Mindless Boogie #14, Social Disco Club return with another three gems for the boogie repertoire! First up is "Clap Pat Clap Slap", a rework of evergreen 60s pop favourite "The Clapping Song" by Shirley Ellis. Needless to say, this being a Mindless Boogie, the tempo is taken down a notch or two, and there's some tabla drum wobbles and a 4/4 beat added. Sure to create complete mayhem on the dancefloor as everyone tries to follow those instructions while being a little bit worse for wear (trust me; as a serial clapping-in-the-club offender, only women will be able to do this). Also on a downtempo tip is a great soft rock cover of Tata Vega's "Get It Up For Love" (unless hers was a disco version of this!). Lastly, we get another 70s soft-rock-becomes-Balearic classic in the shape of Graham Nash's "Better Days", again, given the Social Disco Club treatment. Three big tracks make this an absolute must!"

"Unless hers (Tata Vega) was a disco version of this" - Yes it is.