Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hibernation Vol.1 on Bear Funk out now!

"We’re not quite sure if Hibernation is the right title for our latest compilation album. We are definitely not sleeping! In fact we are busier than ever. So much amazing music out there… and so little time. Hibernation Volume 1 is the first of a new series of compilations. These unmixed CDs feature a few greatest hits of the previous months, the future smashes and some exclusives unavailable elsewhere.

Things open up with the slick vocal styling and chilled bar grooves of Social Disco Club & Maia and “The Way You Move”, our pal Greg Wilson on the edit. Ronda, Jan Ken Po (a new guise for Max Essa), King DJ and Billy Bogus/Sal deliver us some fine nu-disco gems. Old label favorite and Japanese buddy Altz gives us an exclusive track “Orympia Rocks” and label head-bear gets busy with Lindstrom with their collaboration Daybreak. Talking of Altz and Mr Kotey, there is a digital only exclusive mix of the Lordy track “Off With His Head”.

Things get all George Clinton with newcomers “Free Disco” and their Psychedelic Disco romp “Kelp Man”. Dutchman Roberto Auser gets filmic and leftfield with “Secret Can” while due Filipsson and Ulysees deliver some NYC house flavored disco beats. Florida based Sleazy Mcqueen gets his percussive groove on, while uber-cool French favorites Black Joy remix the Barbarella-esque Diaphonoids classic “Mermaids Of Lunaris”. Things end up on a more downtempo affair with Matt Playfords Weirdo Police project on the haunting closer “Ghost Boat”.

There we have it. A fine Bear-tinted slice of what’s at the cutting edge of today’s Disco spectrum."


In a nutshell...

Disco, disco and yet more lovely disco…

What's it all about?

Collection of nu-disco gems from one of the main players in the capital's basement electronic scene, Steve Kotey. Despite an ill-fitting moniker (Hibernation? In summer? What were they thinking?) it's a fine sift through the best bits of from his Bear Funk label past, present and future. The most notable are the Kotey Extra Band's collaboration with Norwegian disco macdaddy Lindstrom and a Greg Wilson edit of Social Disco Club & Maia’s The Way You Move.

Who's it by?

Bear Funk is the brainchild of sometime Chicken Lips collaborator and tape-op Steve Kotey. Such is the demand for the Lips, they entrusted a chunk of their djing duties to Kotey who jumped on the opportunity with both hands and carved himself a pretty large rep as a party starter in his own right. He's played records with plenty of big names including the likes of Harvey and Francois K and put together the Disco Italia compilation for Strut records. It's obvious that Kotey has this disco business running through his veins.

Likelihood of winning a trip to the Grammys?

If there were awards for services to funk, house and underground disco stylings, then the big bear's mantel piece would be creaking under the weight of accolades. It hasn't happened just yet...

What the others say

"Every song is fantastic and keeps to the Bear Funk disco stylings. I've chosen Greg Wilso'’s version of Social Disco Club & Maia (I also recently posted some Rui Maia originals) and Japan's Altz remix of Lordy, but I could of easily picked any of the songs. No fillers here." - Big Stereo blog

So is it any good?

If you associate the concept of disco with 70s wigs, the Village People and inebriated stag dos lurching around in flares necking alcopops, then you should set your preconceptions right and get your ears round this.

The roots of all good things electronic lie within the disco vibe, something that this Hibernation compilation manages to nail down with a series of strong looks and slap bass pinned down by a fresh backbone of groove. Altz's Orympia Rocks manages to balance a bassline made from utter filth with a suitably ridiculous surf guitar twang while Lindstrom and Kotey's cross breeding doesn't disappoint either, getting an afro-cosmic peacock-esque strut on. If you know your Disco Bloodbath from your Horse Meat Disco, then Hibernation will be right up your dirty alleyway...


Social Disco Club & Maia - "The Way You Move" (Greg Wilson version)
Ronda - "Folana"
The Diaphanoids - "Mermaids Of Lunaris" (A Blackjoy disco mix)
Jan Ken Po - "Rhapsody In Leather"
Billy Bogus & Sal - "Terror Island" (Enzo Ponzio mix)
Altz - "Orympia Rocks"
Filipsson & Ulysses - "Fluffy Amadeus"
Roberto Auser - "Secret Can"
King DJ - "Ex Memory"
Sleazy McQueen - "One Extra Day"
Free Disco - "The Kelp Man"
Kotey Extra Band (Lindstrom & Stevie Kotey) - "Daybreak"
Weirdo Police - "Ghost Boat (Many People Died)"


Social Disco Club & Maia - The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Version)


Ps.: "The Way You Move" will be out soon on vinyl 12" with the Original and Instrumental, plus the Greg Wilson Version and Diskjokke Retromix.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just a quick message for all the people who have disco (or kind of) blogs...

Sadly, at this moment, i don't have to much time to dig across new, (or old), music blogs - and i know there's loads around. 
So, if some of you have or know those i should check and add into my "Music Community" or "Community" list, please drop me a comment with the link.

Many Thanks!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Next 12" On Bear Funk

The wait is over! 29th June is the oficial release date of the Bear Funk Release with my portuguese mate, Maia.

Here's a quick revue:

Portuguese based Social Disco Club (aka Humberto Matias) and Maia, delivers some laid back Mediterranean spiced disco groove. “The Way You Move” sleeks along with sultry keys, Latin groove, lazy percussion and all the flavour of an early-evening island vista. 

Up on the edit is our pal Greg Wilson who rejigs like only he can, creating a more floor based mix. The original is all about the great vocals whilst new Norwegian Disco-don DiskJokke gives us his late 80’s Balearic sounding re-rub.. its Ibiza 88 all over again.. drop the deal friend.

A few feedbacks...:

Hope your well. Very nice release - like it and will play it, very nice midtempo disco burner.
Ace work! 
Simon Lee (Faze Action)

I just got this yesterday, very cool indeed! Like the Diskjokke mix too... 
Jaques Renault (DFA)

I simply love it! can't wait to hear more stuff.
keep up the good work!
Felix Haaksman (Dutch Rhythm Combo)

I love it. A modern classic. Been playing the GW Version for a while now to great response. Top track!
Dicky Trisco (Boogie Corporation/Disco Deviance)

Humberto, thanks for your new production! 
Tony Carrasco (Klein & Mbo/Moonbase)

Love the original and Diskjokke retromix
Always in our sets
worf worf worf
The Barking Dogs (Discosafari)

A strong release, congrat, will play for sure
Hardrock Striker (Skylax/Cosmic Club)

Loving all the mixes, specially the vocal original
Rayko (Rare Wiri Records)


"The Way You Move" (Original)
"The Way You Move" (Instrumental)
"The Way You Move" (Greg Wilson Version)
"The Way You Move" (Diskjokke Retromix)