Wednesday, August 22, 2007

(AVI) Part 4

Discognosis is a rare and obscure production by two of the greatest disco producers: Rinder & Lewis.
This was an experimental project where the sound isn't well definited. The opening track is psychedelic disco with a horror theme. "Poison Ivy" is more pop, where as "One On One" brushes up soundtrack sounds. "Good Time Man" and "Love Shortage" are good tracks which could be exploited better. "Step By Step" is the big one: wonderful disco track with repetitive vocals, piano and hypnotic arrangements. The only defect is its shortness: i've always wondered whether the 12" exists!! ...

AVI Part 4
Taken from the album "Discognosis" [AVL 6026] (1977)
Discognosis - Step By Step

... A few years later...
Todd Terje see this and decide to make himself the 12" version... (Nice as always..) (My friend from American Athete Blog (Check him on my favorites), already post that edit, but the link is down.. so new chance to get it!)

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