Friday, August 31, 2007

Pop Dell'Arte 20 Years (Bloop Recordings)

This release marks the 20th anniversary of the original 1987 release of “Querelle”, an amazing piece of music. Pop Dell’Arte have gathered mythic status in Portugal. Their frontman, João Peste, was responsible for one of the most progressive and interesting indie labels of the 80s and released everything from alternative pop to experimental electronica. Against all odds, Peste managed to keep Pop Dell’Arte going since the mid-80s, although with many line-up changes, and in the process recorded several modern classics of the portuguese scene.
The Glimmers got on board for the remix, that is an actualization of the original, because they are fans of the band. They included their version of the Adonis classic “No Way Back” on their Fabric compilation after playing Lisbon’s Lux where Zé Pedro Moura, the bass player from Pop Dell’Arte, is also a resident DJ. After that, the connection was obvious and this remix is further proof of that.
The Glimmers, of course, do not need any further introduction: they are among the finest crafters of sounds for the modern dancefloor and have here taken a classic and brought it to the 21st century.

A. Querelle (Original 1987)
B. Querelle (The Glimmers New Beat Flash Card Version)


You can find this fantastic 12" on the usual best record shops.

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I wanna give my congratulations to my friend JOSÉ BELO
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dub said...

o trabalho que ando a fazer na bloop só faz sentido quando do outro lado há djs como tu.

um grande abrç e muito obrigado pelas palavras, humberto.

estamos juntos,
josé belo