Thursday, October 18, 2007

Are You Like It?

More, More, More" was the signature song of Andrea True, who performed under the name "The Andrea True Connection".

The song was sent to the United States after being recorded in Jamaica; the idea for a single was brought up so True could make profits from a television commercial she was making in Jamaica (an attempted coup in the country hindered the ability for her to get her commercial profits in cash). Buddah Records liked the sound, and originally only released the song to discos in the winter of 1976. The popularity of "More, More, More" was immense. Widespread listener interest convinced Buddah to release the single commercially in the spring. The song rose to number four on the Billboard Hot 100 and number five on the UK Singles Chart.


clavis said...

Hola, te escribo desde México y quiero decirte que tu blog esta sensacional y quiero ver que posibilidad hay de que me compartas la canción de Andrea True Connection More, More, More, en la versión que aparece en tu blog mi correo es

Social Disco Club said...

Hi Clavis.
First of all, thanks for your kind words!
About the track... its easy... You can download all the tracks on my blog, all you got to do is click on "Divshare" logo. A new window is open and ckick "download original". Easy.

Thanks again and keep passing by. :)


clavis said...

Hi social disco club, thanks a million, eternally grateful. Excellent blog.
Greetings from México, D.F.

Social Disco Club said...

It's a pleasure help you.
Keep stoping by.