Friday, March 21, 2008


For sure everybody, (the disco freaks!), know one of the best disco Blogs on the Web..., Run by Chris, based on South Africa, Another Night On Earth.

Once again and with pleasure, one of my edits is in exclusive on another blog. Check it, and show some love to Chris; he is a gentleman for share with us some of the best tracks on the planet.

Nice disco weekend to all! :)


Pedro said...

For shure or for sure? Nice comment, but I wonder if the pun was intended.
I really like the blog and it would be perfect without the portinglês!
Anyway... You always keep us dancing!
Keep on keeping on!

Social Disco Club said...

Hi Pedro.

This is a music blog... If you want to read cool texts try another one.

Anyway, i doing my best.

Pedro said...

If you need any help with that I will be happy to oblige. I really mean it!
Just trying to make it perfect cause it really has so much potential...
Never intended to be unappreciative. Your best is really something extraordinary!

filmchick said...

Just wanted to say,thank for such a great site. I so grateful for bloggers like your self who list such music gems:-)

I am having serious music flashbacks!!

Anonymous said...

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