Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Don't Want You Back

This is one of my favorites ever!
It can't have been a very big seller as it only spent one week at #20, before disappearing from the chart forever! Magically, this track manages to combine the sound of Chic, Roy Ayers and Patrick Adams.
After years of gathering dust, this track was finally revived in the late 80's by the likes of Norman Jay and Sean P on pirate radio.
Nowadays, it was become one of the most collectable and talked about disco 12"'s.

Ramona Brooks - I Don't Want You Back


bakalho said...

mais uma grande malha humberto!

Alan L said...

DivShare don't want us in S.E Asia huhu!

DJ Castro said...

I've been looking for the artist of this song for at least 7 years. I first heard this song on the christmas day 1980 KISS-FM (New York That Is!!!) Mastermix with Shep & Tony and this song stood out on the mix.(You can go to deephousepages.com to find the mix I'm talking about) Thanks a bunch!!!

Social Disco Club said...

Glad to can help sometimes :)

Disco D said...

great track...
and, readily available on this Disco Spectrum cd

Social Disco Club said...

Yes, i take it from the Disco Spectrum Lp.
Actually the 12" was re-edicted a few weeks ago! A must have!