Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Strollin' On

Jean-Marc Cerrone was born in Paris, France but hopped to London, England to record his first successful albums. A drummer, composer, and producer he first left Paris in 1975 to record what became his most popular LP Love In C Minor. He started producing and performing music at 18 when he worked as the Orchestra Leader at the Club Mediterranee.
Two years later he signed an exclusive contract with French producer Barclay, and recorded what he dismisses as uncommercial songs with little chance of broad acceptance. Cerrone was already a successful entrepreneur in Paris, he owned three large, influential record shops, but went to London when he couldn't find a French company interested in his more contemporary creation. In London, he contracted with Island Records to press 5,000 copies of his new recording.
They sold like hot cakes and when the smoke cleared, Love In C Minor had sold an astonishing 10 million copies worldwide, and established Cerrone as France's first disco superstar. Subsequent albums' Cerrone's Paradise (1977), Supernature (1977) and Golden Touch (1979), and Angelina (1979), all went gold to further enhanced Cerrones' Midas Touch. He started Malligator Records to release his work and others including Kongas, Don Ray, and Revelation - all had international hits. Other Malligator artists include balladeer Bobby Solo, and Rod McKuen. Atlantic Records distributed Malligator in the United States, and CBS Records everywhere else.
Cerrone's success waned in the 80's but he kept pumping out albums and producing product on others. Nothing, however, approaches his mega single "Super Nature," a 1978 release from an LP of the same name that left skid marks on the International Charts.

Cerrone - Strollin' On Sunday


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professor Eddy said...

Nice one! Something different from his usual more electronic stuff. This has more of a jazzy feel.