Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hold Me, Touch Me

The Canadian singer Caroline Bernier is an early protege of Canada's famed Tony Green, known as producer of Geraldine Hunt, Freddie James and of course, France Joli. His 1977 album with Carolyne however was not nearly as successful.

Caroline Bernier, her name also written on US releases as "Carolyne Bernier", is best known for "Hold Me, Touch Me", "Love (I Don't Wanna Hear About It)" and her stunning 16:40 track "Secret Agent Love". Her album is also noted for being orchestrated by Denis LePage (Lime) and recorded at Markos Studios. The same studio that would bring us Carol Jiani's mega-smash "Hit And Run Lover" a few years later. Caroline co-wrote two of the tracks with Tony Green and supplied the backing vocals.

Carolyne Bernier - Hold Me, Touch Me

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