Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Rain

Bebu Silvetti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since he was a little kid, he knew clearly what he wanted to do: devote his life to music. At age 15 he formed his first Jazz Trio, and at 18 he left on a cargo ship for Barcelona, Spain. There he worked in several Jazz Clubs and met the love of his life: Sylvia. He came to the US, then Mexico where he started doing some jingles, and struggling to launch his carreer as a composer and arranger.

Bebu Silvetti Bebu went back to Spain where he wrote "Spring Rain", (produced by Tom Moulton), and life changed. He arranged, composed and conducted LP's for Rocio Durcal, Rocio Jurado, Raphael, Daniela Romo, Pandora. Created original scores for several TV Series in Mexico, and finally started producing for his own company "NGS" and for others, reaching the peak of his carreer when working with Placido Domingo for whom he produced 3 albums, Luis Miguel, Vikki Carr, Vic Damone and Engelbert Humperdinck. He was the best when arranging strings.

Silvetti - Spring Rain

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