Monday, December 1, 2008

Again & Again

Love De-Luxe was a disco studio group assembled by British producer Alan Hawkshaw. They had one chart entry: "Here Comes That Sound Again," which spent a week at #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1979. Vicki Brown and Jo-Ann Stone provided the vocals and the track was technically credited to Love De-Luxe with Hawkskaw's Discophonia.

This is the re-edit i made to feet in my dj set's...Take me ages to put together!
Hope you all enjoy!

Love De-Luxe - Here Comes That Sound (Social Disco Club Re-Edit)


diskOtek! said...

ups! you did it again!

Shaddy said...

looks like the link is not working!

Social Disco Club said...

Hi mate

Looks like Divshare is down.
Please try again later.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, great job!!

matt said...

Excellent, excellent work. Loving this one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, love it! This is a clu banger for shure.



Social Disco Club said...

Thanks guys!

Enrique said...

LOVED the original version. Freaked out when I heard your edit on your July 4 mix... Thank you for posting this edit. You really distilled the song down to the best bits. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

better than the original for sure!!!!

Social Disco Club said...

Hi Enrique and Pvc,

Im very happy you guys dig the edit!
Thanks a million and good year.

Woody Braun said...

Great edit & track !
I didn't know this was the original from "Rappers delight" intro! Thanks! Funktastik blog! :)

JoMF said...

quero isto!!!!! parabéns :)

Benjamin said...

absolutely fantastic!

straight to my sets!

thanks a bunch, mate!


Kid Who said...

d-o-p-e!! thanks

u may find something u like at

big up!!

Social Disco Club said...

Seems like i have to think in put this one on wax..

Jakob said...

Absolutely love this! Thanks a lot!