Friday, December 5, 2008

Walking In The Rain

Flash and the Pan was an Australian New Wave group (essentially an ongoing studio project) formed in the late 1970s by Harry Vanda and George Young, both former members of the Easybeats. George Young is also an older brother to Angus Young and Malcolm Young of AC/DC.

Until the release of "Waiting for a Train" in 1983 they had been a one-hit wonder in the UK, which was a coincidence as the expression 'a flash in the pan' denotes something that is only briefly popular. The duo gained further exposure through the track from their debut album, "Walking in the Rain", which was later covered by Grace Jones.

A big personal favorite for these raining days..

Flash & The Pan - Walking In The Rain


Anonymous said...

hello social disco, really good selection and re edit here.
I really like your summer mix @ Trintaeum.
best regards.

Social Disco Club said...

Cheers "anonymous"

Dez said...

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could you contact me
Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Este som é HOT.