Sunday, January 13, 2008

Barna Soundmachine & Social Disco Club - Barna Vs. Porto EP OUT NOW!

Great news!
My new, and first, record is available now at Juno, Phonica, Piccadilly, Fat City...

Here's some Revues:


After bringing us "The Soul We Lost" EP of Marvin Gaye reworks back in May 2007, the Ocsid Music label returns with another discofied outing. The Barna Soundmachine & Social Disco Club crew obviously know what they're doing because they've come up with some real treats here. The EP opens with a looped-up edit of Gino Soccio's "Try It Out" in disco-house fashion before dropping down into the electroid workings of BSMachine & Der Beat's "Jump Up Let's Go (Megamix 2)". On the flip things get hip hop-disco-breakin' with Julien Jabre & Bibi's "And You Don't Stop" featuring an old school rap by MC Mellow Dee - and you don't stop! Lastly we're back on the disco edit tip with an SDC refix of Glen Adams Affair's "Just A Groove".

Fat City

Barna vs Porto present a great-value-for-money EP here. The A-side winner being the stripped down-edit of Gino Soccio’s ‘Try it out’, the original was a big favourite of Sir Greg Wilson’s. However, my personal favourite is the Disco-rap of Julien Jabre and Bibi featuring MC Mellow Dee on rhymes. Fonky as hell, think Sugarhill Gang, well it’s definitely got us handclapping along in the basement.

...And Feedbacks:

Mark E (Jiscomusic) (UK)

Yeah like em all, will get a play out for sure.

Dicky Trisco (Disco Deviance) (UK)

Been liking the disco mix of "And You Don't Stop" since you sent it before. Sorry never got back but been mad busy. Nice stuff.

Maelstrom (Solardisco) (UK)

Loving the EP. Good work fella.

Pete Herbert (Reverso 68, L.S.B., Bakazou) (UK)

Thanks for the em!

Simon Lee (Faze Action) (UK)

Thanks for all the edits, will definatley make use of these.

Down Jones (Boogie Business) (BE)

Damn SDC, your E.P. is one of the hottest of the past few years. Absolutely top quality!
I totally LOVE all the tracks on your E.P. Every edit is a winner. Superb work and I'm definitely going to buy the vinyl (I'm a vinyl head)...
More of that!

Fratelli Riviera (Bear Funk) (IT)

Great edits man!

Aeroplane (Eskimo) (UK)

Hi there, A1 & A2 for us! Cool edits! Will play, cheers! Thx!

Will Deluxe (Scifi/Criminal) (ES)

For me "It's Just A Groove" is the one.

It's a limited edition, so if you like it be quick!
To listen the all tracks:

Social Disco Club
Barna Soundmachine


DJ Benjamin Ferreira said...


I've just heard the promo, and I must say I was really happy with the four tracks. Besides, it makes me happy to know you've teamed up with Zac, with whom I've had contact for some months, being that I also read you blog very often.

I hope it's the first of many releases, congrats!

Abra├žos brasileiros,
Benjamin Ferreira

P.S.: I hope I can keep in touch with you, so that we can talk about Boogie Central, a project I'm starting with my friend Camilo Rocha.

Social Disco Club said...

Hi Benjamin

Many thanks for the message.
Glad you like the record.

Im available to what you wanna talk.
You know where find me...

Keep in touch

Anonymous said...

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DJ Benjamin Ferreira said...

thanks for the reply!

do you have msn?


Social Disco Club said...

Hi benjamin.

Send me a message on myspace and i will give you there my e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Anywhere I can download? I'm happy to pay. Just not a vinyl person, which has it's drawbacks.