Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guest Mix #5 Eddie C

Im very pleased to have Eddie C, the Jiscomusic latest star, on the Guest Mixes series.

Eddie C lives in beautiful Banff, Canada in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, a mecca for skiers and outdoor enthusiasts, not a place you'd expect to find disco evangelists such as himself. Complemetary to his ski-bum lifestyle, Eddie C also has a fervor for record collection and quality music of all genres. 

Raised on a farm in southern Ontario, he discovered said quality music, like many others, at a young age through late night radio and frequent trips to Toronto record shops during the golden era of Hip Hop and Acid House. Still a passionate record collector, his taste has become increasingly eclectic and as a DJ in a land of Lady Gaga/Nickelback mashups, it is most important for him to share his finds with others at local night spots. 

DJing has been a way of life for him since junior high-school. Inspired first by Toronto's British infused rave culture of the early 90s and then by many trips to Detroit and Detroit-inspired Ontario cities, he was at the center of an incredible Techno and House culture movement at the time. Moving to Banff in 2000, just after the first Detroit Electronic Music Festival was a move he and his fiance, now wife, did not expect, but it turned out for the best as the music felt to be drying up a bit by then. At the same time he began buying old records for the first time, and started experimenting with sample-based music production.

As a producer, he has just released his first 12" on Jiscomusic out of the UK. Having spent the bulk of this decade focussing on Hip Hop production and searching for rare funk and oddball records to sample, he only recently delved back into disco and house music. Everything has felt to him like a natural progression musically, keeping on is what is so important. Everything comes full circle and we are on the cusp of something great!

Upcoming releases include a digital release remix on Toronto's own Pawn Shop Records due out this April; a limited edition 7" with Colin De La Plante (the Mole), in May; an EP of disco edits and original production for Karat Records of Paris this summer; a release for five20east out of Scotland, and a future 12" for Jisco with Mark E also coming this summer. 


01. House of House - The Rough Half (Whatever We Want)
02. Eddie C - Between Now and Then (CDR) 
03. ? - Baby Cage (Moxie)
04. Manuel Gottsching - E2 E4 (White)
05. Mark E - Smokescreen (Sonar Kollectiv)
06. Dj harvey - Love Finger (Black Cock)
07. Eddie C - You're Welcome (Jiscomusic)
08. Joubert Singers - Stand On The Word (Hot Coins Remix) (Tirk)
09. Matrix - Stay (I Need Your Love) (Disconet)
10. Bill Withers - You Got the Stuff (Columbia)
11. Mike Burns - Everybody's Mantra (Disco Devil)
12. Herbie Hancock - Twilight Clone (Columbia)
13. Edwin Birdsong - Rapper Dapper Snapper (Salsoul)
14. Sylvester - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (Fantasy)

Guest Mix # 5 (Eddie C)

Check out his Myspace for constant new music and dj mixes monthly.


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Eddie's on fire here... that Mike Burns track is great!

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