Thursday, June 14, 2007

(AVI) Part 1

AVI Records... What can i say?? This is one of the best disco labels on earth!!
Label created by Rinder & Lewis (2 more genius) with records like:

and many more...

I start to collect this records and to be honnest i can stop... I love ALL!!!
The name of this post is AVI Part 1 because soon there will be more...

AVI Part 1

Taken from the album "Cocomotion" [AVI 6012] (1977), (my latest AVI purchase ;) )
El Coco - Love To the World


John Zahl said...

Yes, such a great label! Don't forget about That Thing by That Thing. My personal fave from AVI.

John Zahl said...

Hey, you can hear "That Thing" on my recent radio show on

go to the contributor section, select "JAZ", then listen to the "contributor spotlight" pt. 15, it's the first song that plays on that show, my favorite song probably of all time! enjoy. best, John

John Zahl said...

here you go: