Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Versions Spéciales

On one of my 1st posts, i featured a advance escort remix of Antena. Now i have more information about this new Permanent Vacation album.

In 1981, Isabelle Powaga, Pascale Moiroud and Sylvain Fasy decided to leave their sleepy hometown in the south of France for the City Of Lights. Taking their love for the mechanical electronics of Kraftwerk, the Latin sounds and rhythms of Jobim & Gilberto and a few suitcases, they formed the band Antena. Signing with Belgium's Les Disques Du Crepescule (which formed an alliance with Factory, creating Factory Benelux), in 1982 they travelled to London to record their version of "The Boy From Ipanema" with ex-Ultravox electronic pioneer John Foxx for a 7" release, tagged 'electro-samba' by a pre-Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennent in Smash Hits. However it was their own self-produced material of later twelves and mini album release "Camino Del Sol" that made the most impression. Definitely rougher in sound, this was the real electro-samba! The title track is a Balearic classic and was recently remixed for a special 12" by Todd Terje and Joakim.

Antena's classic album "Camino Del Sol" in new versions, mixes edits including the hit mix by Joakim plus Nouvelle Vague, Escort, Chromatics, Todd Terje and many others. "This is not just a boring collection of mixes, but actually an album with a good flow that works just like a real artist album". Summertime 2007!

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