Thursday, June 28, 2007

French Girl

Tiny Sticks have already shown that they won't be pigeonholed by diversifying from tech-house into indie, punk funk and modern disco, so it comes as no major surprise that Turbo Crystal is not your average French artist. PacoVolume's musical reference points extend out from Prince and his closest contemporaries are possibly Chromeo.

"French Girl" itself is a pretty self-explanatory song, crooned over rudimentary beatbox and bass guitar. New York's Escort make things comfier by plumping up a cushion of Kid Creole disco underneath. "Another Glass" is the punkier B-side, itself remixed in a nu disco manner by Bear Funk's Fabrizio Mammarella.


SFB said...

I'm glad you posted the full lengths because an online site had a poor sample section that put me off at first. I'll have to go purchase it now.

SFB said...

Given it some more listens now, and I'm still feeling the Escort. I really love the Fab. Mo. remix...except for the vocals...what awful vocals. Damn shame because it is well funky. It might work in Japan because not many people will know what is being said anyway.

Anonymous said...

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