Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"The Way You Move" Out Now!

The wait is over...
"The Way You Move" out now and is available in a record shop near you!

Vinyl 12": (Just a few)

Juno (Uk)
Piccadilly (Uk)
Phonica (Uk)
Flur (Pt)
Lighthouse (Jp)
Jet Set (Jp)
Nuloop (Fr) (De)

Digital Download: (Just a few)

Juno Download

Im quite suprised with the massive feedback so far! here's a few feedbacks more:

I'm thinking life in Portugal must be pretty sweet... If this won't set the right mood, nothing will.
I'll be playing the Disk Jokke version most, although I like the GW version at least as much.

King DJ
(Bear Funk)

Really like the Greg Wilson version (played last week in Croatia) and the Original .. but will probably play the Disk Jokke version the most .. solid release ..
big ups lads!!

Bonar Bradberry
(2020 Vision Recordings)

Nice release, perfect for the aftersun before the night.
Jim Adam
(Lullabies in the Dark)

Really Diggin the vocals. Not enough 21st century disco includes vocals. Great way to make teh track stand out and connect with a crowd. Top release gents!
DJ Bwyse
(Talking In Stereo)

Nice release, the original version is my fave...
Steve Yanko
(Permanent Vacation / Truffle Music)

Fantastic Ep, Loving all the versions, edits and remixes it"s perfect summer tune all the way... Great production from SDC as usual. thanx
Baby G
(Eskimo / Superdiscoteca)

Great summery groover - love the remixes, will play & support

Chris Duckenfield
(Popular People's Front / Swag)

I really like the GW version and the original - great to see Humberto and Rui working together. Porto in the house! I will be massively supporting this on The Smugglers Inn radio show.
Red Rack'em
(Untracked / Tirk)

Greg's and Diskjokke are both sounding very nice. playing on an ibizian beach this week and will definately be playing these.
Sean Brosnan

Love the Greg Wilson and Disk Jokke remixes. Both v playable in disco and balearic situations. lovely. lovely.
Chris Coco

Loving this already on first listen. all the mixes are fantastic. go bearfunk!
Layne Fox
(40 Thieves)

Killer release... my fave bearfunk in the last few promos sent, will be spanking this over summer for sure. Preference goes to Greg & Diskjokke rmxz even though i love all the versions. Full support. RSPKT to the bear for this fonk.
Tristan Da Cunha
(2020 Vision Recordings)

Killer tune, been playing it all year and never lets me down...gregs mix smooths it over and joackims steps it up a level..10/10
Pete Herbert
(Reverso 68)

Great! Liking the vocal mix here.
Rob Mello

Original Mix & Inst is killer. Sounds really solid. Disk mix is also really good. Will be playing both.
Jim Bresse
(Hed Kandi / MoS Radio)

Wow sounds wicked, thanks!!
Danny Howells

Amazing release guys, feeling the original and Greg's version the most. Really loving Greg's I think its one of the best mixes he's done for a while! Congrats
Matty J
(The Agency)

Can't decide which to play first. love the laid back feel of gregs mix, kind of cosmopolitain and sassy! REALLY for the floos it's disk jokke - WOW. gimme gimme!
Jim Stanton
(Horse Meat Disco)

Possibly my favourite Bear Funk release to date, would love to try get it used on something. Cheers for sending
Shiv Kalaria

Yeah, the greg wilson mix reminds me of dancing on the beach in ibiza, love it. great stuff.
Mark E

Great release!
Danny Krivit


Shaddy said...

diskjokke mix rules!!!!!

twentyfourtracks said...

this is a great record do not sleep on it.

Babooshka said...

great blog!

i have some files @
(in portuguese)

thanx for the vibe!

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