Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unreleased Mix of Don Carlos "Alone"

After more than one year tryin to negociate with the owner rights of "Alone" by Don Carlos, we came to a dead end, so, here's a wav download link of the remix/cover i did.

Don Carlos "Alone" (Social Disco Club Unreleased Mix)

Alone (Social Disco Club Unreleased Mix) (Free Wav Download) by Social Disco Club


jack_faith said...

hey humberto,

no comments here???
well, plenty at soundcloud at least. Curious they didn't like it, sounds like a respectful job. Great update, I think. Thanks for the sendspace link as the s/cloud link has gone.

Social Disco Club said...


Well i stoped for almost a year with the blog, so its normal i guess.